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Order Guide


As all our shirts are made to order, we would require a little more information from you than usual. Simply follow the steps below to place your order:


Step 1 - Choose your Shirt Category

  •        Select one of the 5 Shirt Categories you’d like from our home page
  •        If you’d like to fully customize your shirt instead, select the “Fully Bespoke” category


Step 2 - Choose your Shirt Style

  •        Once you’re in the selected Shirt Category page, select the shirt style you like 
  •        Details of the style are provided on the right


Step 3 - Choose your Fabric

  •        Suggested fabrics are displayed under the description for your selection
  •        Option to view our full fabric library is available should you desire
  •        Click on each fabric swatch for details


Step 4: - Fill out your Basic Data (required)

  •        Select the unit of measurement you prefer and enter the required data fields in the form
  •        Select the icon that best fits your body shape


Step 5: Fill out Additional Data (optional)

  •        You could also provide additional data for a more accurate measurement
  •        Select the unit of measurement you prefer enter the relevant data fields
  •        Select the icon(s) that best fit your needs


Step 6: Monogramming (optional)

  •        Different monogramming options are available should you desire


Step 7: Save your Measurement or Add to Cart

  •        If you wish to save your measurement for reordering, you can create a name for the order and click “Save” by signing in to your account/ registering an account (new users)
  •        Click “Add to Cart” and your custom order will be placed in your shopping cart ready for check out!


Step 8: Check Out

  •        Once you’re ready to check out, click on the Shopping Cart icon and follow the steps to check out and complete order